Sr. Anne Celestine Ondigo is a member of the Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph - Kenya currently residing in Perry, New York - USA. She is an educator who has taught for several years. She also advances advocacy for peace and justice both theoretically and pragmatically. Her advocacy in the field of peacebuilding is inspired by the values of the Catholic Social Teachings and those of St Francis of Assisi.

She is a former lecturer at the Centre for Social Justice and Ethics at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and at Daystar University in the Department of Peace and International Relations. She has worked with Franciscans International in Geneva, advocating for human rights and peace for African countries by networking with human rights activists at the grassroots level to air their needs at the Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations office. At these forums, human rights records for each state is reviewed and recommendations made that end up shaping the states’ policies on the same ensuring accountability for respect of human rights. She also worked at the grassroots level in Africa with the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Africa Office as the Organizing Secretary. At that time, strategic objectives focused on 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. One of the success stories was working within the slums of Mukuru-Kenya.

She is a proud member of the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church. She has written several peer reviewed papers, articles and part of books. She is a national and international speaker in many forums.

Sister is a post-doctoral researcher at Boston College Massachusetts-USA. She has a PhD in Diplomacy, Peace and International Relations. She earned two Masters, one in Peace Studies and International Relations and the other in Education. She also has a Bachelor of Education degree.



March 27, 2022

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Today’s readings announce the good news of acceptance where all, irrespective of their dispositions are eligible to a warm re-entry

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