Sarah Hansman (she/her) is currently an MDiv student at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry. Her studies come after numerous years in the corporate world and much discernment. While the worlds are different, Sarah draws upon her corporate experience as one that built her confidence in using her voice, persisting in the face of the oft said “no,” and commitment to authenticity in every context.

Sarah’s ministerial experience spans various settings. She has directed numerous retreats, worked as the development manager for the nonprofit Women’s Foundation of Boston, serves weekly at a medium security men’s prison, and spent this past summer as a chaplain at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Sarah sees preaching as an act of resistance and hope. She seeks to use her voice to inspire others who feel their voices are not heard or are not worthy to be heard in the Catholic Church. She plans to pursue doctoral studies, with a desire to engage questions and positive reconstructions of embodiment, sexuality, and gender in Catholic contexts.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys long runs along the Charles River, reading the work of her “spiritual mentors” Brian Doyle and Cheryl Strayed, and attempting to write half as well as them.



December 10, 2023

Second Sunday of Advent

Being patient does not mean slowing down our efforts. Patience does not ask me to stay silent for fear of rocking the boat nor delaying until everyone is ready for change; for they may never be. Patience means do the work. Prepare the way!

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