Sonia is a strategy and learning consultant to philanthropies and non-profits that are deepening their social and racial justice commitments. This builds on 30+ years of working extensively with organizations serving traditionally marginalized youth and communities. She has developed and sustained a range of learning cadres and cross-sector partnerships that innovate how people plan, measure, learn, improve, and reverse inequities.

A long-time member of Boston’s Paulist Center, Sonia organized a network of small communities of faith, co-chaired the development of socially responsible investment screens, and co-led a partnership to address youth violence in the city. In a variety of settings, she has planned and presided at a range of Catholic and interfaith educational sessions, retreats, and prayer services. And amidst covid, she co-founded a lay-led, virtual prayer group that has brought forth unexpected gifts of youth empowerment and intergenerational community.

Sonia has served on founding boards of the faith-based, Grace Academy for girls in Hartford (a Nativity Miguel school), and the Boston Teachers Union K-8 School. And she recently completed the Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford International University for Religion and Peace, taught by Miriam Terese Winter.  

Sonia was one of the first lay lectors in her growing-up parish, thanks to the Second Vatican Council. Her spiritual guides at Dominican Academy and Connecticut College further cultivated her love of liturgy and communal prayer. She’s ever grateful for this lifelong gift. Sonia finds deep joy in preaching and building community as part of her spiritual practice. And at this moment in history, as people rethink what they believe and how they worship, she hopes we will seek and find powerful, new ways of connecting with the Divine and one another.



April 30, 2023

Fourth Sunday of Easter

On farms, in suburbs, and high-rise buildings today, we live in vulnerable times...as inflation, nationalism and violence around the world rise, we can know what it is to feel defenseless. The twenty third psalm offers comfort.

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