Sr Yudith Pereira is a Spanish consecrated women who belongs to the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary from 1985.

Her academic background as Agricultural Engineer, with a Masters in Education and studies in Theology and Spirituality, has facilitated a diverse ministry life, developed in Equatorial Guinee and Cameroon from 1995 to 2012.  She has been working in teaching, school management and pastoral programs in rural and urban areas, and designing, executing and managing different development projects related to education, women empowerment and catechists formation. She has been involved spirituality and formation teams, seminars and spiritual accompaniment.

Since January 2014 is the Associate Executive Director of Solidarity with South Sudan, responsible for the international Office in Rome.  Solidarity with South Sudan is a collaborative project of female and male congregations, founded by UISG and USG, in partnership with the local church who since 2008 has created sustainable institutions and programs for the capacity building of the people in education, health , agriculture and pastoral.  The project has in the ground five inter congregational, mixed and international communities with 30 members. The involvement in this ministry implies frequent travels to South Sudan, and participation in many international conferences related to Religious Life, Women and Peace.



October 8, 2017

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

God entrusts to us not only our small reality, but the whole of creation, and every human being in it, who are our brothers and sisters.

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