Cecilia Oebanda is the founder and president of the Visayan Forum Foundation, a leading anti-trafficking NGO based in the Philippines. For her innovative work in rescuing and healing girls and young women, she has been recognized by many prestigious institutions including the Anti-Slavery International, Skoll Foundation on Social Entrepreneurship, the US Department of Labor, the US State Department, the World’s Children’s Prize, among others. She continues to support shelters, sustain prevention campaigns and lobby for policy implementation of laws on child labor, human trafficking, domestic work and online sexual exploitation. She is a mother of four successful children. She enjoys nurturing her grandchildren in Manila and California.



September 17, 2017

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We can teach every generation how to pardon inequities, heal social ills and redeem lives from destruction through grace and mercy – not revenge, not selfishness, and not fear.

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