Diana Culbertson, O.P. of the Dominican Sisters of Peace is professor emerita at Kent State University where she directed the Undergraduate program in English, the program of Religious Studies and the graduate Program of Liberal Studies. She received her Ph.D in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her M.A. in theology from Aquinas Institute of Theology. She is the former president of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion and a Board member of FutureChurch. Her published works include The Poetics of Revelation: Recognition and the Narrative Tradition (Mercer UP); Rose Hawthorne Lathrop: Selected Writings (Paulist Press); Invisible Light: Poems about God (Columbia UP). She is a former editor and writer for the Center for Learning writing God in a World of Violence, The Meaning of Faith, The Meaning of Hope, The Scandal of the Parables, The Body of Christ, and Life in the World to Come . She has published in numerous literary journals and anthologies, and continues to write and lecture extensively.



January 15, 2017

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Like John the Baptist, we can recognize [Christ] in our own wilderness and know that the violence of our world will never be the last word. The last word is mercy...

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