Jung Eun Sophia Park, SNJM, is associate professor at Holy Names University in California.  She loves to give retreats, spiritual directions, and workshops in US and other countries. Her academic interests are global justice and spirituality, shamanism, postcolonial feminism, and mysticism. Sophia published numerous articles, including, “Jesus of Minjung on the Road to Emmaus (Luke: 24: 13-32), “The Galilean Jesus: Creating a Borderland at the Foot of the Cross (Jn. 19: 23-30),” “Cross Cultural Spiritual Direction: A Dance with a Stranger,” “Cross-Cultural Spiritual Direction: To Construct a Borderland.” Sophia authored many books, including A Hermeneutic on Dislocation as Experience: Creating a Hybrid Identity, Constructing a Borderland Community, Conversations at the Well: Emerging Religious Life in the 21st Century Global World, Border-Crossing Spirituality: Transformation in the Borderland, and An Asian Woman’s Religious Journey with Thomas Merton: Journey to the East/Journey to the West.  She also wrote books in Korean, including  Thoughtful Chats: How the Story Changed Women, Time for Sorrow, Beauty of the Broken, Seasons that I loved, Joy of Life, and For the Broken Humanities. She also writes articles on ordinary spirituality at the Korean Catholic News and offers women’s spirituality lessons through YouTube globally.



March 5, 2023

Second Sunday of Lent

We, the people of God, are also invited into the Rhythm of the Paschal journey, which first begins with our receiving blessings, to then become blessings ourselves.

May 6, 2018

Sixth Sunday of Easter

In the spirit of discernment and listening, when we dare to cross boundaries and to embrace the stranger or the unfamiliar, we can remain in love of Jesus. And we can make a fresh new song to the Lord.

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