Michelle Becka, Prof. Dr., is professor of Christian Social Ethics at the Faculty for Theology of Wuerzburg University, Germany.

She studied theology in Tuebingen, Germany, and also for one year in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Michelle earned her Ph.D. in Christian Social Ethics in Tuebingen with a work on interculturality and recognition and her habilitation in Mainz on Ethics in the Penal System. She is teaching Christian Social Ethics in Wuerzburg and she is academic dean of her faculty. Her research interests are foundations of Social Ethics, Ethics in the Penal System; Human Rights Ethics, Ethics and Migration; Ethics and Interculturality and Latin American theology.

She is member of the editorial board of Concilium, international journal of theology, and co-editor of the book series “Ethik und Gesellschaft” (Ethics and Society) and of the journal of the same name. She is also a member of the international planning committee of Catholic theological ethics in the world Church (CTEWC).

Michelle lives with her family near Frankfurt, Germany.



August 25, 2019

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Being a Christian is not simply a state of mind. It requires a decision – how we want to live as Christians...Whatever we are waiting for, will not happen by itself.

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