Patricia Bruno, O.P. is a Dominican Sister of San Rafael, CA.  Patricia is a spiritual and retreat director and writes a monthly scripture internet article, Stories Seldom Heard. She has led retreats, justice and preaching workshop in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.  Patricia began her ministry as a teacher.  In 1980 she founded the Interfaith Pittsburg Community Organizing Project, CA.  In 1985 Patricia became the Promoter of Preaching for her congregation, a board member of Parable (a national conference for Dominican Life and Mission) and of the Academy of Preachers.  In the 1990’s, while on the staff of Pace e Bene, a Franciscan organization that offers retreats and workshops on nonviolence, Patricia co-authored a book, From Violence to Wholeness.  Patricia, as the Promoter of Justice for the San Rafael Dominicans, established their congregation’s Socially Responsible and Alternative Investment Committees. In 1990 she became the Director of Justice Education for the Northern California Community Loan Fund. By 1999 a coalition of seventeen Roman Catholic congregations/provinces were active members of and investors in the Fund.  Patricia’s religious life has braided together two major themes: spirituality and justice.



June 12, 2022

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

We will never understand the mystery that the poet of Proverbs explores, but if we sit in silence with the barn doors open wide, Wisdom will feed our imaginations so that our spirits will rise and be able to enter into the dance of praise and gratitude.

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