Emily John currently lives in Milwaukee, WI. Throughout her career, she has striven to use her talents best to serve the poor. Initially, she served as Co-Director of the Newman Center at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She received her MA and PhD from St. Michael’s College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto. Her master’s thesis was on Karl Rahner, SJ and her dissertation was a feminist analysis of the theological anthropology of Langdon Gilkey. After briefly teaching, Emily moved gratefully instead into administration and directed Camillus House, the largest homeless shelter in Miami. After this, she became head of Institutional Advancement at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Upon returning to Milwaukee, Emily directed Outreach and Development at St. John’s Cathedral, where she raised money for and directed the Open Cafe, providing daily meals for the homeless and working poor. Since 1990, Emily continues to work for the Cardinal Felix Foundation, raising funds for the poor on the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia and Dominica. Emily also enjoys playing piano and watercolor painting, having had two successful one-woman shows. At 63 years of age, distance biking has morphed into electric biking and racquetball has moved into throwing the ball for her dog, Brady Street. More peaceful now, Emily has slowed down from her A-type personality to one who spends more time in the stillness.



August 9, 2020

Nineteeth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Resting in the love of God not only changes us but also invites us to take on the injustices and systematic oppression in the world. It gives us the spirit and courage to Show Up.

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