Flora x. Tang is a doctoral student in theology and peace studies at the University of Notre Dame, where she writes and researches about post-traumatic sacramental theology, queer theology, and literature of the Asian diaspora. Flora has previously worked as a hospital chaplain, a campus ministry fellow, and a service-learning program coordinator for college students. Her theology and preaching draw from her complex faith journey to and within Catholicism: from becoming Catholic at age 19 after living and serving with Catholic sisters, to deconstructing her faith while living in Palestine, to discovering her own queer Catholic expressions of faith. Flora is committed to reimagining God’s love while standing on the margins of the Catholic faith.

Flora’s writings appear in the National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine, and her book of poetry is published in Mandarin Chinese. She is originally from Beijing, China, and currently lives in South Bend, Indiana with her occasional foster cats and kittens.



January 30, 2022

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Love looks different in different situations. Because love never fails us.

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