Sr. Karolin Kuhn, a German School Sister of Notre Dame, is an associate professor at the Centre for Child Protection (CCP) at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy. She contributes her pedagogical knowledge to the further development and teaching of the various educational programs offered by the CCP – a diploma and a licentiate (master’s degree) - in safeguarding offered residentially in Rome, as well as a multilingual blended learning program that helps participants from around the world develop their safeguarding competences.

The overall objective of the CCP is the academic and professional promotion of safeguarding through education, formation programs, conferences, and research. The CCP envisages a church and a world where all people – starting with the most vulnerable – can be safe and feel safe, and to which all persons, communities and organizations responsibly contribute.

Sr. Karolin is a social worker, theologian, and educator with a doctoral degree in theology. Before coming to Rome, she served as the principal of a Catholic girls’ high school in Munich, Germany. She is especially interested in competence-oriented models of teaching and learning that aim at the holistic growth of the entire person – something that is particularly important for future safeguarding professionals and attitudinal change within our church.



April 19, 2019

Good Friday

[Jesus] invites us to be his hands and heart by staying close to those in pain and darkness, by enduring with them their agony, anger and anxiety, by giving voice to their cry for justice and by fighting side by side with them against evil and crime, abuse and oppression.

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