In 2000, Kimberly Lymore decided to leave Corporate America and pursue full-time ministry. Kimberly is a member of The Faith Community of St. Sabina since 1983. She was appointed the full-time Pastoral Associate at The Faith Community of St. Sabina by the Rev. Michael L. Pfleger on September 1, 2000. 

Kimberly is responsible for all the sacramental preparation of the children and adults. She is the team leader for Eucharistic Ministers and is on the preaching rotation for the 8:30 service. She is currently Convener of the Black Catholic Theological Symposium, as well as being the Director of the Augustus Tolton Pastoral Ministry Program at Catholic Theological Union (CTU).

Kimberly Lymore received her Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Word  from CTU and she received her Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Union. Her thesis article was titled, “God Doesn’t Tilt: Making the Connection Between Worship and Justice.” Her goal is to be obedient to the plan God has for her life and obedient to his Word.



April 17, 2022


Today is the day we resurrect our dreams, our faith, our peace, whatever it is we have buried.

February 7, 2021

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We who preach the Gospel must not preach a watered-down Gospel to make people feel comfortable in their indifferences to those seen as the “least” of these in society or their hatred of people who are not like them.

March 30, 2018

Good Friday

If we, the church, the disciples of Jesus Christ, don’t take a stand who will?

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