Maria McGuire is from Paso Robles, California. She graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BS degree in Biology, and Loyola University, New Orleans with a Master’s Degree in Theology/Religious Education. She earned a Spiritual Direction Certificate from Mercy Center, Burlingame. She is trained in the Jesuit educational approach, valuing both the academic and spiritual aspects of faith issues. She works as a Chaplain with Hospice, recognizing the sacredness in every season of life. She has written articles in various formats, most recently in  the Women In Theology website. She previously taught Religion at St. Rose Catholic School. She has worked in various Church ministries over the years, most frequently in RCIA, Adult faith Formation, and collaborating with retreats and workshops. She has a keen interest in and love for writing. Her theological interests are multi-faceted. Much of her focus centers on the power of metaphor to address common human truths regardless of culture, faith perspective or gender. In particular, she contemplates Scripture with an eye towards Midrash: the stories and metaphor therein are the stories of each human being in every generation. She is interested in the dialogue and intersection between masculine and feminine perspectives on spirituality, believing both contribute to a balanced faith vision. She is attentive to those who experience marginalization in society and is interested in what lies at the threshold of liminality.



February 14, 2021

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

God’s touch opens us to see with new eyes- to see and hear those around us who feel separated- those who long to be seen, heard and touched.

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