Mary Margaret is a senior at Yale University studying psychology and neuroscience. She is a student leader at the Saint Thomas More Catholic Chapel & Center on campus, as well as a catechist and a State Lead for Catholic Relief Services. Mary Margaret is an avid runner, serving as president of the Yale Club Running Team and a member of the Yale Triathlon Team. She also leads a social mentorship group at a nearby special education school. Working in the Clinical Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab at Yale, Mary Margaret’s research interests relate to PTSD diagnosis and the neural impacts of trauma. In May, she will start graduate school at the University of Notre Dame to earn a master’s degree in Education through the ACE Teaching Fellows program. In her free time, Mary Margaret loves to spend time with her five siblings, bake, and rave about NJ bagels.



August 27, 2023

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Each and every one of us is called into relationship with the One Who knows every hair on our head.

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