I belong to a community of women religious, the Missionaries of Christ Jesus, and have trained in Education, and Psychotherapy and Counseling.  

I have been working in the field of education for the last forty years, working to see that all children in India get equal and a quality education which is their right. Being a member of the Core Team of a prominent NGO in Mumbai, I work as a research writer to bring about reforms in educational content and pedagogy. We have developed unique supplementary courses for children being used in all 946 Mumbai Municipal Schools.

In recent years, sexual violence towards women and even very young girls have shocked the nation. It has also forced everyone to talk about an issue that has been brushed under the carpet so far.Our kit on Gender Equality aims to fill that vacuum.

In my capacity as Psychotherapist and counsellor I work mainly with women who have problems with identity, self esteem, efficacy and worth.

Women’s empowerment, our rights and gender equality has also been primary to me. A member of Satyashodak, a women’s collective, I have been actively involved in bringing justice to cases of sexual abuse in the archdiocese of Mumbai and further afield.

The long years of career with my varied involvements, along with Church decrees and documents,  have always enabled and given focus to my reflection and thus also urged me to pre-empt other religious to work on their own reflections.  

My personal spirituality built on the history of Hope leads me on, a spirituality built on people who through the ages have engaged in creating a better world where different ways build up different pieces of the canvas.  For my reference I have the gospels and the history of peoples struggles. For support, I have many working in varied fields, interacting and networking with them.

Jesus was no different from the rest of us.  His example of going beyond leads me on.



April 28, 2019

Second Sunday of Easter

When we touch the Resurrected in today’s crucified, touch the wounds of those whom our system tries to make invisible, we admit like Thomas: "My Master! My God!"

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