My name is Paige Byrne Shortal and I am enjoying semi-retirement after forty years in pastoral ministry for two parishes and assisting various organizations with their regional and national worship services. I’ve had a privileged education, including a BA in Theology from Saint Louis University, an MA in Pastoral Studies from Aquinas Institute of Theology, and opportunities to witness, and maybe help promote, the liturgical renewal of the 70s and 80s, singing with the Saint Louis Jesuits and others. I’ve written regular columns for various Catholic publications, including the National Catholic Reporter, Liguorian, Ministry & Liturgy, National Pastoral Music, and others. I continue to serve the archdiocese as an advocate for those seeking an annulment and my husband, Pat, and I still sing with our parish choir. (I step in as director when needed.) We live in a small country house in rural Missouri with three of our six children, two dogs, a cat, and a dozen chickens. Much of my time now is serving as “academic coach” to our three teens as they study online, perusing subjects that, in the past, just didn’t interest me: civics, astronomy, even algebra!  I agree with Merlin in TH White’s The Once and Future King: “The best thing for being sad (or anxious or bored or angry) is to learn something. That’s the only thing that never fails.” I am pleased to have the opportunity to join, and learn from, this impressive company of women preachers.



January 16, 2022

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

But after that exchange he no doubt pleases his mother as he quietly and without fanfare, provides more than enough wine for the festivities, illustrating yet again that with God there is not just enough, but abundance.

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