I call myself a faith and gender rights activist, at this stage of my life’s journey. I began as a teacher in Mumbai with a deep yearning to be involved in teaching the faith and advocating for social justice.

I married and moved to Hong Kong where I was involved with research, documentation, publication and para-legal counselling for domestic workers. My next stage was in Dubai where besides visiting garment factory workers, I went on to study the faith, get involved in the teaching of religious education and Catechesis of youth and adults, and was part of the ecumenical movement with the Middle East Council of Churches.

On my return to Pune, India, where I now am based, I study the Bhagwad Gita besides continuing studying the faith in relation to social concerns - especially with regard to gender justice. Besides faith formation of adults, religious sisters and seminarians, I am currently the National Convenor of the Indian Christian Women’s Movement, a movement of Christian women independent of any Church finding our voice in addressing issues of concern within Churches. I also am part of the Indian Women Theologians Forum, Sisters in Solidarity and the Indian Catechetical Association.

Besides the above, I write on issues that move me and have been published in India and Hong Kong. My life mantra is as long as I have a voice I will use it in any way I can for the spread of God’s reign.



November 5, 2023

Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

In our fight against exclusion, let us try to live consciously inclusive lives. In our work for the Reign of God, may we testify to the kind of world we are working towards.

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