Teresa Thompson is a writer, therapist, and amateur theologian based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a board member of the Metro NY chapter of Call To Action and serves as part of the Catholic Lesbians ministry and Healing Prayer ministry at the Church of Saint Francis Xavier. Teresa’s writing has been published by Geez Magazine and Ignatian Solidarity Network and can also be read on her Substack, Liturgy of the Ours. She will begin graduate study at Catholic Theological Union in Fall 2024. Originally hailing from the Caribbean and Ireland, Teresa worked in New York City’s public mental health system for seven years before founding her private practice, where her specialties include treating complex trauma and religious trauma. She loves being a friend, sister, daughter, wife, and dog mom.



June 23, 2024

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

God is with us, we are held – through crisis, through chaos, through suffering, through all we do not understand.

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