Sr. Andrea Koverman is a newer vowed member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and comes from a long line of SCs: two great aunts, an aunt, and a first cousin. She is passionate about living vowed life in contemporary society and believes in the future of religious life.

After graduating from Miami University with a degree in special education she moved to Beaufort, SC and began a twenty-plus career as an educator working with the Gullah community on the coastal Sea Islands. She earned National Board Certification and holds two master’s degrees, one in curriculum and another in administration. During formation, Andrea lived for two years on the southern border and accompanied the sisters she lived with who minister to mothers and their children with special needs in an extremely poor Colonia of Juarez, Mexico. She has subsequently had the opportunity to experience the cultures of Palestine, Israel, Guatemala, and Haiti while doing short mission trips and witnessing first hand some of the most dire and complex problems faced by our sisters and brothers in other countries.

Andrea is currently living with three other sisters with whom she has established a house of discernment for young women interested in intentional community living and/or religious life. She ministers as a program director at the Intercommunity Justice & Peace Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The organization’s mission is to educate and advocate for peace, challenge unjust local, national, and global systems, and to promote the creation of a nonviolent society. The major areas of focus include ending the death penalty, addressing human trafficking, immigration reform, and peace and nonviolence initiatives.

Andrea is also a frequent contributor to the Future of Charity blog for discerning and new members of the women’s congregations that make up the Charity Federation.



March 29, 2018

Holy Thursday

Let us respond in word and action to God’s immense and unconditional love of us by treating each other as we have been taught. Let us to do for each other what has been done for us.

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